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The social aspect of Geocaching comes into play when cachers are trying to make a decision about their next GPS receiver, hiking boots, puzzle solving software, or how to rig their kayak for caching .  Cachers are the no-nonsense type of people who are willing to pass along their gathered knowledge and experiences.

It is very difficult to make informed decisions based on advertising and packaging alone.  Many times, a particular product is chosen just because it is the least expensive.  As we all know, that is not necessarily the best way to go.  There are times when the cheapest item is just that…cheap.  On the other hand, the most expensive product doesn’t always meet everyone’s needs.  We usually try to research everything we buy to ensure we make a smart purchase and one of the most influential pieces of information is recommendations by trusted sources:  friends, family and fellow cachers.

Product ReviewsProduct Reviews - Cachly

  • Cachly – Simple and powerful Geocaching for the iPhone






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