GeoTrails and GeoTours

GeoTours and GeoTrailsGeoTrails and GeoTours

Geocaching frequently brings cachers to unique destinations.  GeoTrails and GeoTours take the hunt to specific caches that will introduce Geocachers to historic, scenic, or unusual areas that they might not have discovered otherwise.

Often the GeoTrail and GeoTour organizers will offer customized Geocoins, Pathtags, or wooden nickels as a reward to cachers for completing their challenge. A “passport” of some sort is used to prove that the adventure seeker has fulfilled the requirements of the tour or trail.

The list of trails and tours below will help get you started.  Use the “Clickable Map” link to find a GeoTour or GeoTrail in a specific area (Vacation Destination, maybe?).  Get out there and explore this world in which we live!

If you know of a GeoTour or GeoTrail that is not on this list, or if one of them has been decommissioned, please let us know!

U.S. GeoTours

Worldwide GeoTours

U.S. GeoTrails

Worldwide GeoTrails

NOTE: periodically checks all of the GeoTour and GeoTrail listings to see if they are still active.  Please verify that the listing is enabled before heading out to find the caches. is not responsible for the status of any listing.