c:geo Waypoints and Navigation

c:geo is a Geocaching app for Android devices that is FREE.  Download here.CGEO

The app does not require any file export, sync, or a web browser and allows the user to cache on the spot with no preparation.

A common question that people have about the app is how to manually enter coordinates so that they can navigate to a Multi or Puzzle Cache.

A special Geocacher’s Compass thanks goes to Ron Reburn for providing us with the c:geo procedure and screenshots!


How to enter coordinates and navigate.

  1. Open c:geo
  2. Click on “Any destination”
  3. Enter your coordinates in the North and West (or South and East depending on where you live in the world)
  4. From this view, you need to bring up the Navigation MenuScreenshot_2014-07-31-13-08-45
    a.  Samsung phones – in the lower left corner of the phone, press and hold the area just to the left on the home button (where the arrow is pointing) for a couple of seconds. A window will open that should have 4 icons (Navigate, Caches Around, Compass, Clear History)
    b.  Droids (Max) – Everything is the same as a Samsung except instead of opening the navigation screen by holding down on the lower left corner of the phone, there are 3 small dots at the bottom of the screen. Tap the 3 dots to open the menuc.
    c.  On older Droids, the 3 dots were 3 small lines stack on top of each other in the lower right side of the phone. Tap the 3 dots to open the menu












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