GSAK LogoGSAK is the free Geocaching Swiss Army Knife software that manages databases of Geocaches and waypoints.  This top notch software can manage multiple databases, send or receive waypoints (with Geocache information) to your GPSr or Google maps, convert to many mapping formats, provide extensive sorting and filter actions, and uses powerful macros to manipulate reports and output for a countless amount of situations (profile stats, challenge requirements, map distance/direction calculations, etc.).  GSAK is by far the most robust tool available to Geocachers!

Here are a few things you can do with GSAK (We could fill pages with GSAK’s capabilities and not scratch the surface)

NEWBeginner GSAK With Chris Hache – Videos on Youtube

NEWIntermediate GSAK with Chris Hache – Videos on Youtube

NEWAdvanced GSAK with Chris Hache – Videos on Youtube

NOTE:  We want to thank Chris Hache over at for providing his expertise with GSAK.  Check out his website at