Welcome Geocachers and Muggles!

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Geocaching is a real-life adventure that combines the high-tech Global Positioning System (GPS) with outdoor activities.  People, like you, use their GPS receivers or Smartphones to locate hidden geocaches (small to large sized containers of all shapes).

You will not only find information here, but step-by-step instructions about how to Geocache and other related subjects.  If you want to leave a comment or submit something for us to publish, just register (it’s FREE).  Make sure you submit your favorite Geocaching story on the Go West page!

The points of the compass on the menu above will take you to what you seek.

Here’s a breakdown:

  • True North will give you guidance on how to Geocache and perform GPS related tasks.
  • Due South walks you through how to keep our great adventures alive for everyone.
  • Far East announces Geocachers’ milestones or other noteworthy events.
  • Go West and share those amazing or funny stories that always seem to follow Geocachers.
  • On The Map showcases amazing, unique, funny, or strange Geocaches.

Geocacher’s Compass is continually updated and still a work in progress.  We hope that Geocachers around the world will contribute and help us.  Send us your comments, suggestions, and stories.  We want to hear from you!

(By the way, Muggles are just those who are not in on the adventure.)

So, are you ready?  Follow us and we’ll point you in the right direction!

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